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Maintaining Sobriety

August 3, 2018
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Even with all of the momentum and enthusiasm you feel from successfully finishing your rehab, it still can be difficult to maintain your sobriety after you return home again.

10 Post Rehab Tips to Help You Maintain Sobriety So you were lucky enough to have the right insurance, or out of pocket money, to pay for 30, 60, or 90 days of inpatient addiction treatment and after successfully completing your rehab you are eager to …

Maintaining Sobriety in Sober Living. Individuals who come to Pet Friendly Detox are not just looking to get sober for a short span of time.

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Maintaining Sobriety While there are many options people have for treatment, there is a much wider range of practices and activities that can help people maintain their sobriety. Multiple things can contribute to a healthy lifestyle free from addiction, and it is up to each individual to work with treatment professionals, family members and other supporters …

This video I talk about my trip to Carolina Rebellion 2018. I discuss how I maintain my sobriety and remain Alcohol free in spite of everyone around me…

Finding sobriety on a mountaintop | Scott Strode | TEDxMileHighHere are six strategies for successful sobriety. Everyone wants to have a quick and simple remedy for how to "make it" in recovery.

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