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Characteristics Of Children Of Alcoholics

August 8, 2018
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20 Characteristics Of Adult Children Of Alcoholics - Part 1From difficulty having fun to judging themselves without mercy, adult children of alcoholics tend to share some of these 13 common characteristics.

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Adult Children of Alcoholics was originally written with only children of alcoholics in mind. Since its first publication, we have learned that the material discusses applies to other types of dysfunctional families as well.

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Children of alcoholic parents have unique hardships that affect their childhood. Read a few common characteristics among children of alcoholics.

There are common characteristics and personality traits observed in adult children of alcoholics and other compulsive behaviours. Are these familiar to you?

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Psychological Characteristics of Children of Alcoholics KENNETH J. SHER, PH.D. More than 20 years ago, researchers first noted that children of alcoholics (COA’s)

'Adult children of alcoholics' is a term that refers to adults who as children grew up in an alcoholic household (with alcoholic parents). However, the following 10 characteristics are typically quite common amongst adult children of alcoholics.

Children of alcoholic parents have unique hardships that affect their childhood. Read a few common characteristics among children of alcoholics.

Children of alcoholics don't get many of their emotional needs met due to these challenges, often leading to skewed behaviors and difficulties in properly caring for themselves and their feelings later in life. These Characteristics Resonate With Children of Alcoholics.

In it she outlined 13 characteristics of adult children of alcoholics but also applied these same characteristics to those who grew up in households where other compulsive behaviours are present such as gambling, drug abuse or overeating.

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